Amanda Weil
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Amanda Weil

New York, New York

Amanda Weil’s interest in the intersection of photography and architecture led her to found Weil Studio in 1993. Specializing in the design and production of large-scale photographic glass installations, Weil creates artwork that has relevance to each location. For example, a photograph of a Southern live oak tree — the state tree of Georgia — on display through a layering process of film and ceramic frit. The resulting image of the tree and its abundant greenery creates a beautiful, luminescent and dimensional wall. Weil earned a B.A. from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and spent a year as a fellow at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. In addition to her own work, she is a great supporter of public art. Weil is on the board of Creative Time, a New York-based public arts organization that works with artists to contribute to the dialogues, debates and dreams of our times.

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