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Giving Back to Our Community

Interested in fundraising with Levy Restaurants at Mercedes-Benz Stadium?
At Mercedes Benz-Stadium, we provide Not for Profit groups the opportunity to volunteer in our Concession Stands to raise money for their charitable organizations.


Our vision is to partner with like-minded organizations to create positive change and make measurable impact within our communities.

What We Do

Since opening in 2017, Mercedes-Benz Stadium and Levy Restaurants have provided local Not for Profit (NFP) groups and their volunteers the opportunity to raise money for their charity by operating one of the Concession Stands within the stadium.

How it Works

The NFPs provide the fun, enthusiastic, passionate volunteers and Levy Restaurants provides the training, equipment, supplies, uniforms, meals, supervision and a donation to the NFP following each event.

NFP volunteers working at food stand during event
NFP volunteer working at food stand during event
NFP volunteers working at food stand during event
NFP volunteers working at ATL Grill food stand during event
NFP volunteers working at food stand during event
NFP volunteers working at food stand during event


Recruiting Volunteers

Participating in Fun Events

Providing Learning Opportunities


Creating Awareness


Benefiting Your Community

Making a Difference

Celebrating Our Partners

Below are just a few of our current Not for Profit group partners. Click on each partner’s link to learn about each organization, how you can assist, and more! For a complete listing of all of our valued Not for Profit groups, please use the button below.

T&T Girls Foundation logo

T&T Girls Foundation

Helping Girls achieve their goals in technology through support, enrichment, and positive structure. They provide educational materials and scholarships for girls in lower income areas to pursue careers in technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Location: Sec. 115 Capital Crust

Lend A Hand, Heal A Heart Foundation logo

Lend a Hand, Heal a Heat Foundation

Our mission is to relieve the poor, distressed and underprivileged beginning with leading children in the right direction. We believe that if the children are taught well, they will make this world a better place.

Location: Sec. 118 Bud and Burgers

Each One Reach One logo

Each One Reach One

The primary focus of Each One Reach One is to help students from disadvantaged circumstances improve their academic skills; understand the connection between education and positive life choices; enable them to realize their full potential as self-sufficient, responsible and loving citizens; foster healthy supportive relationships with adults and make a positive difference in the community.

Location: Sec. 120 Hot Press Cart

Men of Excellence logo

Men of Excellence, Inc.

Men of Excellence is a 501(C)(3) certified organization that mentors, provides scholarships and back to school assistance to high school Juniors and Seniors in the Metro Atlanta area as well as provide rental assistance to single parents. They also adopt families during the holidays and most recently during the recent COVID-19 Pandemic.

Location: Sec. 133 ATL Grill

Changing the Next Generation logo

Changing the Next Generation

The organization is geared towards youth empowerment and community outreach. Changing the Next Generation encourages and motivates youth to get more involved and give back to our community and promote personal empowerment.

Location: Sec. 105 Fresh Mex

Connecting Generations logo

Connecting Generations

Connecting Generations-(STFCC) purpose is to reach out and enrich the public.Their mission is to address the common social needs of youth and seniors by engaging them in intergenerational activities that build trust and dispel prejudices. Bridging the gap between two generations will promote support, caring, and guidance for the two most vulnerable members of society, the elderly and youth.

Location: Sec. 125 Fresh Mex

Core Values chart for AMB Sports and Entertainment

“The needs in our society are more profound than at any point in my lifetime. The gap between rich and poor in America is growing. Philanthropy alone cannot repair all of the social injustice in our country or the world. It can, however, inspire good will, spark innovation and provide thought leadership.”
- Arthur M. Blank

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