Get through the gates at Mercedes-Benz Stadium with no lines, no wait, and no hassle. It's free and takes less than one minute to sign up!

What is the Delta Fly-Through Lane?​

With the Delta Fly-Through Lanes, your face is the ticket for entry into the stadium and premium clubs. The Fly-Through Lanes bring frictionless technology that enables a seamless, quick-entry experience for fans visiting the stadium. Simply walk into our stadium and clubs without scanning tickets, tapping a phone, or even breaking stride.

How does it work?​

Delta Fly-Through Lanes at Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a voluntary, opt-in program for faster, touchless entry into the stadium via designated lanes, with easy, online enrollment available to anyone attending an Atlanta Falcons or Atlanta United home game.

Delta Fly-Through Lanes step 1, link your account

Link your Account​

Log in to Ticketmaster to start the enrollment process.​

Delta Fly-Through Lanes step 2, take selfie

Take a Selfie

Take a Selfie with us. Your photo is only used for verification purposes.​

Delta Fly-Through Lanes step 3, scan in

Skip the Lines

Enter through one of our Delta Fly-Through lanes at Gate 1, Gate 2, or North Club entrance.​

What are the benefits?​

Faster entry - the quickest way to get into MBS and begin enjoying your visit.

Added convenience - YOU are your ticket for your entire group - both yourself and your guests. With a single registration, the ticketholder can bring up to 12 additional guests through the Delta Fly-Through Lanes - no need to pull up tickets on phone, transfer to others, or enroll additional members. Your party enters with you!

Sign up once - Sign up and use for all Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United events moving forward.

Future benefits - MBS is currently working on additional innovations that will offer registered users an increasingly frictionless event day experience.

Where can I find the Delta Fly-Through Lanes?

Photo of Gate 1, Delta Fly-Through Lanes

Gate 1

The easiest entrance for those coming from Vine City Marta or the Westside. The Fly-Through Lanes are located close to the Soccer Statue.

Photo of Gate 2, Delta Fly-Through Lanes

Gate 2

For those coming from the East, the Gate 2 Fly-Through Lanes are located on the right hand side when approaching the stadium.

Club Entry

Ticket holders in any of our premium clubs, suites, or terraces are welcome to enter via the Club Entrance.

Top-down map of Delta Fly-Through Lane locations

Frequently asked Questions

How will the Delta Fly-Through Lanes work on event day?

When the fan arrives at the event, they will enter the Delta Fly-Through Lane and proceed to a ticketing kiosk where the fan’s biometric fingerprint is validated. Once matched, the stadium associate will confirm the tickets to be used by the fan and their guests and they are free to enter the stadium.

Only the accountholder needs to register before using the Delta Fly-Through Lanes. Any guests whose tickets are with the registered accountholder will be granted entry with the accountholder.

No data provided by the ticketholder will be sold or given to any third-party and is used strictly for the purposes of testing this technology by AMBSE.

Where are Delta Fly-Through Lanes available at Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

Delta Fly Through Lanes are currently available at Gate 1, Gate 2, and North Club entrance.

I have multiple tickets – what do I need to do?

Only the accountholder needs to register before using the Delta Fly-Through Lanes. Any guests whose tickets are with the registered accountholder can enter with the ticketholder.

What type of events will this be available at?

Delta Fly-Through Lanes will be active for both Atlanta United and Atlanta Falcons events. Any fan who opts into this program will only need to register once in order to use the Delta Fly-Through Lanes at any Atlanta Falcons or Atlanta United event at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The Delta Fly-Through Lanes are not currently offered at any other Mercedes-Benz Stadium event (e.g., concerts, conferences, non-game events). We hope to add support for these events in the future!

Data Safety​

Your data is stored only on a server and entry validation devices of our technology partner. The image created by the fan to generate the facial validation is stored on the servers for the EXCLUSIVE purpose of a secondary validation if the biometric fingerprinting fails to match. No data provided will be sold or given to any third-party and is used strictly for the purposes of testing this technology by AMBSE and our technology partner. Your data is deleted after 365 days of inactivity. The data is solely used for activities that the fan/guest agree to opt into, which currently covers stadium entry. In the future, MBS could expand to include the ability to provide payment and age verification capabilities in Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

  1. Mercedes-Benz Stadium protects your data and photos and does not share or sell your data related to this program with any third parties.
  2. All data is encrypted and protected in a secure location.
  3. No photos are stored on the entry devices. In the event a device is lost or stolen, your information is safe.
  4. You have the ability to opt out of the program at any time. Details in our Privacy Policy.
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