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Checkout-Free Markets

Fans have a new way to quickly grab their favorite drink or snack at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Our Checkout-Free technology revolutionizes the concession stand experience and reduces time spent waiting in lines so that fans can get back to the action more quickly.

How does it work?​

Simply enter, grab the items you need, and walk out – our innovative technology automatically tracks your selections and charges your card, eliminating the need for traditional checkout lines and making shopping effortless.

Get In

Enter the store by swiping, tapping, or inserting your credit card at the entry gate.

Grab What You Want

Browse the store and make your selections.  Pick up items you want, replace items you don’t - your virtual cart is updated in real time.

Get Back to the Action

No checkout required!  When ready, simply exit the store - you’re only charged for what you leave with.

Need a Receipt?

Use our receipt lookup tool below for details on any transaction at one of our checkout-free markets at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Receipt Lookup

ATL Market - Section 123

Hot Food, Wraps and Salads, Snacks, Souvenir Cups, Bottled Water, Energy Drinks, Non-Alcoholic Beer, Wine, Alcoholic Beverages (King Cans)

DRNK MKT - Section 107

Snacks, Alcoholic Beverages (King Cans), Non-Alcoholic Beer, Ready to Drink Cocktails, Wine

AT&T PERCH MKT - Section 221

Snacks, Alcoholic Beverages (King Cans), Ready to Drink Cocktails, Non-Alcoholic Beer, Bottled Water, Wine


Hot Food, Wraps and Salads, Snacks, Souvenir Cups, Bottled Water, Energy Drinks, Draft Beer, Alcoholic Beverages (King Cans), Ready to Drink Cocktails

Frequently asked Questions

What are the accepted forms of payment at MBS Checkout-Free Markets?

We currently accept most major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) & select debit cards at all checkout-free locations. Gift cards are not accepted at this time. We are actively working to add support for additional forms of payment!

How does the technology work?

Checkout-free technology leverages computer vision to follow your shopping journey & detect when items are selected or replaced onto a shelf/into a cooler. As you shop, a "virtual basket" is updated in real-time so that you are only charged for the items selected when exiting the store.

What is a pre-authorization charge? Am I paying to enter the store?

To ensure your card has funds available, there will be a $15 temporary hold placed on your account. This is not the final charge; you will be charged for your actual selections after leaving the market.

How do I shop with my family / additional guests?

Our checkout-free stores can support up to five individuals in a single entry. The method of payment validated at entry will be associated with each shopper that enters while the gate remains open - all items selected by any of the individuals that entered with the cardholder will be charged against that form of payment, regardless of when they depart the store. The transaction will begin to process once the final shopper of a party exits the store, after which a receipt should be available capturing all purchases for that shopping session.

Can I get a receipt for my purchases? How do I confirm what I was charged for?

Receipts at checkout-free markets are delivered digitally. The technology begins processing your transaction as soon as your shopping session is closed (when the last member of your party leaves the store), and most receipts should be available within [5-10] minutes of completing your shop. We currently offer two options for accessing your receipt:

1) Online lookup - use our receipt lookup tool to enter basic details about your shop & receive a list of all checkout-free transactions associated with that card & date.

2) Automated email - all shoppers can register their email to receive an automated email containing their digital receipt. To do so, visit our receipt lookup tool and check the "register email for future visits" box. After inputting your email & clicking "submit," you should receive all receipts automatically to the provided email address once they have processed/settled.

Data Safety​

Your data is stored only on a server and entry validation devices of our technology partner. The image created by the fan to generate the facial validation is stored on the servers for the EXCLUSIVE purpose of a secondary validation if the biometric fingerprinting fails to match. No data provided will be sold or given to any third-party and is used strictly for the purposes of testing this technology by AMBSE and our technology partner. Your data is deleted after 365 days of inactivity. The data is solely used for activities that the fan/guest agree to opt into, which currently covers stadium entry. In the future, MBS could expand to include the ability to provide payment and age verification capabilities in Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

  1. Mercedes-Benz Stadium protects your data and photos and does not share or sell your data related to this program with any third parties.
  2. All data is encrypted and protected in a secure location.
  3. No photos are stored on the entry devices. In the event a device is lost or stolen, your information is safe.
  4. You have the ability to opt out of the program at any time. Details in our Privacy Policy.
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