Spirited Self-Service Cocktail Bar

Spirited Self-Service Cocktail Bars provide an innovative beverage experience available to all fans and guests at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. At Spirited, you can enjoy your favorite cocktails within seconds and be back to the action. There are three locations conveniently located at 106, 121, and 130. Cheers!

Game-changing Gameday Cocktails

The Spirited Self-Service Cocktail Bar puts you in control of purchasing your favorite drink on game day. Our latest innovation utilizes biometric technology as your payment method, your smile becomes the fastest, easiest way to grab a drink and get back to the action. Utilizing the same technology that powers our Delta Fly-Through Lanes, we are ensuring every visit is as smooth as your favorite cocktail.

How do I get a drink?​

Spirited uses facial authentication technology combined with a cutting-edge dispenser to let you select, pour, and enjoy your favorite drink at MBS. After a brief, one-time registration process, your cocktail is only three easy steps away.

Take a Selfie

Verify identity and payment information with a selfie in front of the machine.

Select your Drink

Select your cocktail from the machine.

Pour and Enjoy

Pour your drink, enjoy a freshly mixed cocktail, and get back to the action.

A user utilizing the account center to easily sign up for Spirited

How do I Sign Up?

  • Access the Account Center page in your team app
  • Locate & tap the “Spirited Cocktails” tile
  • Follow the on-screen registration journey – you’ll need to link your ticketing account, upload a selfie & add a form of payment
  • “Registration complete” means you’re good to go!

We look forward to serving during your next visit.

Frequently asked Questions

Where can I find the Spirited Bar?

We have Spirited Bars conveniently located near section 106 next to DRNK MKT, section 121 along the Inner wall near American Family Insurance Video Wall and section 130 adjacent to North Ramp/GHSA Helmet Wall

What cocktails are offered at Spirited?

The Spirited Bar offers a variety of freshly mixed cocktails for purchase, building from the following base spirits: vodka, gin, whiskey, rum, and tequila.

Can I get multiple drinks?

Per our stadium's responsible alcohol service policy, guests are limited to two (2) alcoholic drinks per government ID, per transaction. All guests purchasing alcohol must present a valid ID for each purchase.

When is the Spirited Bar available?

The Spirited Bar is currently available for Atlanta United and Atlanta Falcons events. The Spirited Bar is not currently offered at any other Mercedes-Benz Stadium event (e.g., concerts, conferences, college football games). We hope to add support for these events in the near future!

Why do I have to register?

By providing your photo and payment information in advance, the Spirited Bar can offer a faster, more convenient purchasing experience inside the stadium. This one-time enrollment process has another perk, too: any guest opting into this program will also be enrolled in the Delta Fly-Through Lanes service, also available at any Atlanta Falcons or Atlanta United event at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Data Safety​

Your data is stored only on a server and entry validation devices of our technology partner. The image created by the fan to generate the facial validation is stored on the servers for the EXCLUSIVE purpose of a secondary validation if the biometric fingerprinting fails to match. No data provided will be sold or given to any third-party and is used strictly for the purposes of testing this technology by AMBSE and our technology partner. Your data is deleted after 365 days of inactivity. The data is solely used for activities that the fan/guest agree to opt into, which currently covers stadium entry. In the future, MBS could expand to include the ability to provide payment and age verification capabilities in Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

  1. Mercedes-Benz Stadium protects your data and photos and does not share or sell your data related to this program with any third parties.
  2. All data is encrypted and protected in a secure location.
  3. No photos are stored on the entry devices. In the event a device is lost or stolen, your information is safe.
  4. You have the ability to opt out of the program at any time. Details in our Privacy Policy.
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