Dario Escobar
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Dario Escobar

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Dario Escobar is a Guatemalan conceptual artist who juxtaposes common objects with cultural symbols — soccer balls, skateboards, baseball bats — to create a constant conversation with the history of art. Escobar has exhibited at several biennials, museums and galleries around the world, including the SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah; Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, California; the 53rd Venice Biennale, Italy; and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts. His work has also been compiled in two publications, A Singular Plurality: The Works of Dario Escobar, published by Harvard University Press in 2015, and Dario Escobar: The Life of the Object, published by Lucia | Marquand in 2017.

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