Gábor Miklós Szöke
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Gábor Miklós Szöke

Budapest, Hungary

Gábor Miklós Szőke is an internationally lauded sculptor and contemporary artist best known for his monumental, industrially wrought animal sculptures. Szőke’s aesthetic, expressed through the use of stainless steel and hardwood, enlivens his unique public art and informs architectural environments around the globe. Inspired by the power and dynamism of wildlife, monsters and demons — such as those imagined by masters Francisco Goya and Hieronymus Bosch — Szőke’s sculptures are representative of society. Due to the magnitude of his installations, Szőke holds the record for the biggest equine statue in Europe and the largest avian sculpture in the world. His most momentous present-day work, Atlanta Falcon, designed for the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, surpasses this record with a wingspan of 70 feet. Based in Budapest, Hungary, Szőke first garnered global reverence after completing a scholarship program at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, Italy, and graduating from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2010. He has been named on Forbes’ list of “30 successful Hungarians under 30” and created more than 100 sculptures situated throughout squares, museums and pubs in Croatia, Germany, Italy, Russia, Switzerland and the U.S., among other countries. In addition to sculpting, Szőke also paints and designs award-winning furniture that is defined by his imaginary milieu, the Dante Empire, named after his Doberman pinscher. These works have been shown in individual and group exhibitions and are displayed in private collections and contemporary galleries worldwide.

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