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Mark Dorf

Collective #2

2017 | Archival UV print on dibond


Mark Dorf

Mark Dorf

Laconia, New Hampshire

Through the use photography, video, digital media and sculpture, Mark Dorf’s work explores human’s perceptions of and interactions with what we call “Nature”, urbanism, design, and virtual environments. As opposed to seeing these subjects as categorically separate, Dorf reveals their entanglement and integration with one another as an inclusive and lively planetary ecology. Most recently, Dorf (B.F.A., photography, 2011), a SCAD alumnus, has scrutinized the influence of the information age, examining how Western culture encounters and understands surroundings through the filters of science, language and technology. A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Dorf lives in New York City and has exhibited domestically and internationally, including at the Foam Photography Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; the Museum für Gestating, Switzerland; Frankfurter Kunstverein, Germany; Postmasters Gallery, New York City; bitforms Gallery, New York City; the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Lima, Peru; and the SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah, Georgia. Dorf’s work has been published in numerous books, including two monographs.

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