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John Patrick McChesney


2017 | Mixed media


John Patrick McChesney

John Patrick McChesney

Atlanta, Georgia

JP McChesney is an industrial artist who creates custom steel furniture, wall art, lighting and sculptures, and he is the owner of Dangerous Color, named for his bold use of color. Growing his business from a small garage, where he worked with junkyard materials, to a 75,000-square-foot studio in Atlanta, Georgia, McChesney now ships his handcrafted furniture and artworks to clients around the world. He is most known for his creative use of highly durable clear-coat finishes on steel furniture, vintage posters, album covers and lyrical sculptures he calls “pyroglyphs” — large-scale plates of welded steel with hand-painted text. McChesney is also the founder of Mutiny Artwrx, an artist collective in Atlanta which provides studio space for more than 90 local creatives and small businesses.

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