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Jon Moody

Seeded Devotion

2022 | Acrylic paint on canvas

2020 was a difficult year as we all navigated through the Covid-19 pandemic. Our beloved Mercedes-Benz Stadium, like other stadiums and venues around the world, was forced to close its doors, postpone games, and cancel events. However, our associates at AMB Sports and Entertainment (ABMSE) saw this as an opportunity to think outside our normal routine and stepped up in extraordinary ways to support our community at a time when it needed it most. We celebrate these associates and commemorate their efforts through this piece of art by artist Jon Moody. May it serve as a constant reminder of one of AMBSE’s core values of “Giving Back to Others” and inspire all of us to serve our community in good times and bad.


Jon Moody

Jon Moody

New Orleans, Louisiana

Atlanta, Georgia-based athlete and multimedia artist Jon Moody (M.A., painting, 2015; B.F.A., visual effects, 2014), brings awareness to social, economic and cultural issues through his paintings and installations. A SCAD alumnus, Moody's evocative and vibrant works have garnered acclaim from art collectors and critics the world over, and have been praised by Empire co-creator Lee Daniels; commissioned by Lil Wayne, Future and Trey Songz; and appeared in the Pepsi Art Dome, New Orleans, Louisiana, and the East Room of the White House, Washington, D.C. Through his artwork, Moody aims to break the myth that one is either an artist or an athlete, and to provoke thought. In 2015, he received personal recognition from former Vice President Joe Biden for these efforts. Moody "inspire[s] everyday Americans to speak up for change," Biden said.

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