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Mercedes-Benz Stadium and Novelis Partner To Build Home in Atlanta

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Recycle For Good Program Yields Fourth Home in Atlanta Community

March 17, 2023 – ATLANTA, GA – AMB Sports and Entertainment (AMBSE) and official recycling partner, Novelis, announce its fourth home build with Habitat for Humanity in Atlanta. Funds for the build have been accrued through the partnership’s Recycle for Good program.

Recycle for Good, launched in partnership with AMBSE in 2017, turns aluminum cans and bottles collected from events into funds to support a Habitat for Humanity home build. For every three million bottles and cans collected and recycled, one home is built in Atlanta. To date, more than 14.5 million aluminum bottles and cans have been collected and recycled from the Georgia Dome, former home of the Atlanta Falcons, and Mercedes-Benz Stadium (MBS), allowing the construction of the program’s fourth home, the third home built from recycled goods from MBS.

“We are thrilled to be building a third home in the Atlanta community in partnership with Novelis,” said Dana Harple, vice president of corporate partnerships, AMB Sports and Entertainment. “The vision of the Recycle for Good program has been to inspire fans inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium to recycle and make a direct impact on our community.   We are thankful to our fans’ commitment to recycling and our organization’s ongoing commitment to making a positive environmental impact in our community.”

Recycle for Good, in partnership with MBS and Atlanta Habitat for Humanity, illustrates the inherent connection between sustaining our environment and our communities,” said Suzanne Lindsay-Walker, vice president, sustainability, Novelis. “Novelis wants to tap into the influential power of sports to inspire lifelong recyclers among sports fans and drive additional value for our communities by keeping infinitely recyclable aluminum out of landfills.”

Since the partnership began, AMBSE and Novelis have built three homes, one in 2017, the second in 2019 and the third in 2022. The fourth home build will begin this spring.

To learn more about Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s sustainability efforts, go here.

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