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Sandee Oliver Bartkowski

Steel Wings (Peregrine Falcon)

2017 | Photograph on metallic photo paper

"When asked to submit ideas for artwork, I felt inspired to learn more about this raptor who was chosen to carry the name of the new Atlanta NFL franchise in 1966.  I contacted Steve Hein, the director of the Georgia Southern Wildlife Center in Statesboro, GA. He invited me down to learn more about falcons and to watch them in action.  He did warn me however that they were very difficult to photograph in action. They are simply too fast to be captured on film.

I ended up visiting the raptor center once a year for four years.  Each time using different cameras and different techniques to get the raptor to do what I wanted it to do. I quickly realized that I had no control over the bird at all.

Therefore, I just captured whatever the bird gave me.

In the end, I felt the strongest shots where with the wings outstretched. Both flying towards me and away from me. The falcon is without a doubt the most intimidating creature in the sky. They are a swift and efficient hunter. Their maneuverability and aerodynamic grace is unmatched. What a perfect symbol for our team".

- Sandee Oliver Bartkowski


Sandee Oliver Bartkowski

Sandee Oliver Bartkowski

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta native, Sandee Oliver Bartkowski, known professionally as Sandee O., is a mixed media artist whose portfolio includes landscape, sports, wildlife, fashion and commercial photography, and collage. Since she began her career photographing children’s portraits in 1992, Sandee’s style has evolved to include Polaroid transfers and photo encaustics. Her subject matter ranges from the safaris of Africa to the NFL and PGA sports world. Private collections and commercial enterprises feature her work throughout the U.S. Bartkowski divides her time between clients in Hawaii and Montana.

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