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Random International

Swarm Study XII / Atlanta

2017 | Mixed media


Random International

Random International

London England

Established in 2005, Random International is a postdigital art group exploring the impact of technological development on the human condition. Best known for their large-scale interactive installations, the group works across an array of media including sculpture, light, kinetics, video, print, and sound. Led by founders Hannes Koch (b.1975, Germany) and Florian Ortkrass (b.1975, Germany), the group has a studio in London and comprises a global team of complementary talent. Experimental by nature, Random International’s practice is fueled by research and scientific discovery. The group channels irrepressible collective energy—mediated via the machine—into acts of public co-creation, which invite subjective experiences of consciousness. Random International aims to broaden the question of what it is to be alive today by experimenting with how we connect: to different kinds of life, to different views of the world, and to one another.

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